About us

Jane Grahek, owner of Furbelows in Thournbury loves fashion!

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Jane, you will quickly learn that her passion for fashion has not waned over the past 30 years in business. When you walk into Jane's store, it is literally a feast for your eyes, a gourmet menu of beautiful clothes.

Over the past 30 years, Jane and her staff have built up an impressive clientele. Without whom, Jane reminds us her dream would not have been possible. Walk into Furbelows today and you can be completely "Furbelated" a term Jane has adopted when a customer has been transformed.

Jane and her helpful and knowledgeable staff will dress you from head to toe and will not let you leave looking silly, trust us when we say the, you are after all the best walking advertising for Furbelows... " where did you get that gorgeous outfit"?

Why choose us

At Furbelows we can outfit you from head to toe, giving you the confidence to feel your best, whether it be for the office, dinner with friends, Apres ski or a family evening on the couch. For jet setters, Jane can offer expert assistance. Her fashion sense along with her own travels give her the ability to help you put together the most appropriate travel wardrobe for your trip, whether it be to the south of France or a work weekend in New York. You won't be disappointed!